EAHP 2021 Virtual Congress
Hospital Pharmacy 5.0: The future of patient Care, a 25th Congress full of surprises!
Do you want to be part of the biggest hospital pharmacy congress in Europe? Join our virtual event and enjoy an immersive experience that will allow you to attend educational sessions including EAHP Synergy events, network with colleagues, visit with exhibitors and attend industry satellite symposia.

Why attending the EAHP Congress

  • Virtually join the biggest hospital pharmacy congress in Europe. We believe that this is the safest approach given the circumstances.
  • The virtual congress platform will allow you to network and connect with over 3000 hospital pharmacists from Europe and around the world.
  • The Congress Agenda is spread over 6 days including evenings and weekends allowing congress participants to attend all educational sessions! Besides, no sessions overlap with each other allowing the participant to personalise their congress agenda and attend more sessions than ever .
  • Connect with exhibitors virtually!
  • The EAHP Congress is best known for providing the best hospital pharmacy education, and we are providing the same experience for the virtual congress.

Partner and Exhibitors

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all session in the different Auditoriums. You can find all relevant information on the auditoriums in the agenda. Just click on “Join” next to the session and a window will appear so you can watch the session. The button “Join” will appear ONLY at the starting time of the session, not before.
A pop-up notification will appear on your screen once the session is over. You just need to click to automatically join the live Q&A. Please join when the presentations have finished, do not try to join in advance as the live Q&A will only start when the presentations have finished. Prepare your questions for the speakers.
Yes, the platform will be open 30 days after the congress is over. Just use the same login details to access the platform and watch (or re-watch) the sessions.
You can join the workshops the same way as you join a session. The difference with a session is that for workshops, you will need to register with your first and last name and email address and agree to be recorded (voice and image). Keep in mind that workshops are completely interactive, and we encourage participants to use both their cameras and microphones.
In general, workshops will only accept the first 30 participants that join the workshop. Therefore, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Registration will be open 2 minutes before the starting time of each workshop.
Some workshops facilitators and speakers may agree to have more than 30 participants, but this will be decided on the day and starting time of the workshops.
Yes, all live sessions will be recorded including all live Q&A sessions and workshops. For the workshops, if you use your camera and microphone, we will request that you sign a permission in writing so that we can use the recording and upload it in the platform.
You can go to the General Chat and find out which participants are online (on the right side). Participate in the conversations and network with other participants.
In order to receive your ACPE accreditation points, what you have learnt during this session will be assessed.
At the beginning of their presentations, each presenter will ask 3 questions that will be answered in the content of their presentations. After the congress, you will receive an evaluation with the same questions, and this is when you will need to answer these questions in order to receive your accreditation certificates. Please note that the ACPE certificate will not be sent automatically, but upon request only. EAHP will send you the certificate within 15 days after receiving your request. More information on how to access the evaluation forms will be sent soon.
More information here.
Besides the general chat you will find chatroom covering different topics (e.g., Covid-19, medicine shortages). Use these chatrooms to discuss around these topics and to launch questions. The EAHP team and Board members will also be actively involved in the networking chats.
Just click on “Exhibition area” and use the arrows to move from one floor plan to another. You can click on each exhibition stand from the floor plan to visit their virtual booths.
Yes! You can find different documents and videos that you can download from the virtual booths. In addition, you will be able to chat and arrange calls with sponsors. Just click on the “Chat” section inside their booth (you will see the “chat” button on the right of their virtual stand). Sponsors can also send you chat invitations.
Check the EAHP booth in the virtual exhibition area and chat with the EAHP team!
Go to the poster area to check all posters and GPIs. The posters are divided by section and remember that you can use keywords to filter the posters (only 1 keyword: a word contained in the title, or a country (country of the author)).
You can find a “poster walk” section inside the poster area, you click on it and find the posters that have been selected for the poster walk. Authors have uploaded a video to present their posters. Enjoy the virtual poster walk!
Yes, each poster has a Q&A section where you can leave your comments and questions for the author. They will get back to you with answers!
The virtual congress has a game (with three different prizes). There are different actions that will provide points to participants. For instance, each time you visit a booth from the exhibition area you will get 100 points. You can find all the information about the game by visiting the section “Game” in the cyber face.
Please note this is only available for participants that have a full registration and are not exhibitors.
You can find all social media posts linked with the congress there. Use the hashtag #EAHP2021
Don’t worry! Click on the “Information Desk” and then click on “Tech”. You will be redirected to a chat with the IT experts behind the platform that will help you with any queries you might have.
Easy! Click on “Contact EAHP” in the information desk or just send an email to congress@eahp.eu.
Your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. You can use these details to access the online event.
Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a virtual congress bag for you! You can also download an email documents and videos from all scientific sessions, exhibitor stands and much more.
You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.
If you are going to join a workshop, we recommend that you download Zoom in order to have the best experience.
You can contact the team at congress@eahp.eu should you have any questions linked with the EAHP virtual event.